Irish band The Cast Of Cheers ready for the world stage


The Cast Of Cheers‘, Ireland’s latest hot band will be playing at Splendour In The Grass on Saturday.

Sargent House, a Los Angeles record label and management team, have an office in Dublin to snare up-and-comers, including Adebisi Shank.

”It’s a very creative time in Dublin. I think they’ve really hit on a goldmine,” says Cast Of Cheers guitarist Neil Adams.

”The scene is thriving.”

The Cast Of Cheers, which has just released a new album titled Family, is playing beyond city limits to an international fanbase.

Their songs, including Animals and Human Elevator, are Triple J favourites.

Family was produced by Luke Smith, who oversaw The Foals 2010 album Total Life Forever.

”The first day of recording, we sat down and talked about music. Nobody touched an instrument,” Adams says.

”We talked about sounds and production values. He said we needed to understand each other before we made the record. He was all about creating this language so we were all on the same page.”

Early reviews have compared the new album to Bloc Party and Futureheads.

Adams says: I can’t complain about the reaction. Our music is taking us to the other side of the world.”

They didn’t have such lofty ambitions, when they released their debut album,Chariot, two years ago. They gave it away as a free download.

”Everybody thought it was a marketing scheme. But we didn’t know what we were doing,” Adams says.

”We’d all been in bands that have gone nowhere. You make a demo, you make an EP, you charge five pounds for it, and no-one buys it because they’ve never heard of you.

”So we decided to release it for free, tell everyone we can, and hopefully it takes off a bit.”

It did, and suddenly The Cast Of Cheers were playing shows with another Dublin breakthrough band, Two Door Cinema Club.

But this weekend is all about the big stage at Splendour.

”To be on the same bill as Smashing Pumpkins and At The Drive In, two massively influential bands for us, is phenomenal.”

To add to the craziness, The Cast Of Cheers will fly to England and play at the Y Not Festival hours after they land.

Adams says: ”The only way we came make it is because of the time difference. It’s kind of like travelling through time.

”We should document it and make Back To The Future 4.”


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