Julian Lennon and Steven Tyler complete their collaborative song

Julian Lennon has finally completed his brand new song he has been working on with Steven Tyler.

In a Facebook post Julian said, “Mixing is finally done on ‘Someday’ with Steven Tyler, & ‘In Between’… Sounds FAB! Seriously Good! I couldn’t be happier… Now to relax with a few friends for dinner, then off I go… Home Sweet Home… ;) Catch you on the flip side of the pond….

The song will be featured as extra tracks on the international release of ‘Everything Changes’.

On June 9, Julian announced he was going to spend the day writing with Tyler. On June 12 he said he was tracking the sing ‘Someday’, written the previous Friday.

Julian also posted a photo with Steven in the studio in May when he was recording vocals on the new Aerosmith album.

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