The Beach Boys join Birds of Tokyo in the studio

Birds of Tokyo have secured some big names to help out on their new album.
In a chat with triple j mag, front guy Ian Kenny revealed the band’s recent recording sessions in LA were gatecrashed by some Californian royalty.
“We arrived at the studio and there were these five parking bays allotted with each of the Beach Boys names on them. We were like, holy shit that’s Brian Wilson… anyway we met them in the hallway just having a donut and we we’re chatting to Bruce Johnston and telling him what we’re about and picking his brain about many things then the next thing he’s in our control room listening to the guide tracks that we’ve laid down and I was like, what the f**k!? Can we do this a little closer to the microphone?”
The Beach Boys would have been at the Ocean Way Recording studios putting the final touches to their new album That’s Why God Made The Radio, which was released this week. No word yet on whether Johnston’s backing vocals will make the final cut on Birds of Tokyo’s new album though.
Regardless, Kenny said the band “really has a handle” on their fourth record and they hope to have it out by October.
“We’re enjoying what’s coming out of the band at the moment. The producer we’re working with is a guy called Dave Cooley, the kind of thing that turned us on to him was that he did the last Silversun Pickups record. He came down to Sydney for 3 weeks and did pre pro and now we’re in his neck of the woods making the record. We’ll make no bones about it: this was a conscious decision to go do it in some fine weather.”
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