Roger Waters plans to release The Wall DVD and new album

Roger Waters spoke about future release plans for a DVD of ‘The Wall‘ tour on which he has been producing for the last couple of  years or so.

“We’ve been filming almost everything as we go along, remorselessly. We filmed for a week when we did shows in Athens and we were filming all over South America, so yeah, there will definitely be a DVD of this whole experience coming up in the near future”, Waters says.

Sometime after that, look for a new solo album from Waters. Even though he said that The Wall tour would be a wrap up to his career, it’s looking much more certain that this would be the end of his live career with recording still very much in his plans.

“I’ve got a strong feeling that I have a new album literally about to pop out. I’ve written a song while I was on the road, which I think will provide me with the impetus, emotionally and philosophically and politically to create a new album” he states.

When the album is released, it will be his first full album of new material for him since 1990′s Amused to Death.

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