Muse release epic album trailer

Muse has given the first taste of their new album ‘The 2nd Law’ with an apocalyptic-themed album trailer.

The 2-minute long video features panicking stockbrokers, expensive petrol, fake news reports, robots and a few seconds of dubstep.

But it’s the last item on that list that has divided Muse fans on the band’s YouTube page.“Liked the orchestra part but disliked the dubstep part,” said gnrockyou.

“true muse fans don’t care what genre of music muse make…im not a fan of dub-step, but no matter how bad people say it is, i will still love it.
“muse is like sex, if its good, it’s good, if it’s bad, it’s also very good!” said bluuuuarrg

Whereas Steven Drew thinks “existing fans [are] tools if they like this”.

But muxmedia7 doesn’t reckon it is dubstep, “It only sounds like it,” he says.“If you listen in you can hear that it’s all drums and guitar with a chaos pad. I bet they released specifically this part of their song on purpose to troll the fans. Has Muse ever disappointed you? Unrustle your jimmies and stay tuned for more muse.

Any chum can create dubstep, but only Matt Bellamy can strum dubstep.”

Muse’s new album - The 2nd Law - is due in September.

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