ZZ Top perform their latest song in a beer commercial

ZZ Top have launched their newest song ‘I’ve Got To Get Paid’ via a beer commercial for new brew Jeremiah Weed.

The members of ZZ Top stood inside a beer fridge and played their new song whenever a customer opened the refrigerator doors. The advertisement features real customers in the store and was totally unscripted. The Jeremiah Weed commercial was shot at Bubba’s Country Store in Austin Texas.

What you hear is a sample of this long overdue ZZ Top album produced by Rick Rubin. The song itself sounds very ZZ Top, something ZZ Top hasn’t sounded for nearly 2 decades. From the 90 second sample of ‘I’ve Got To Get Paid’, it sounds like Rick Rubin is true to form and has captured the original essence of the band. In the past he has done the same production magic on albums by Johnny CashNeil Diamond and Donovan.

Currently there is no word on when the album will be released. Billy Gibbons himself said that he had no idea when it was going to come out.

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