Future Of The Left album release

“The Plot Against Common Sense” follows the release of Future Of The Left‘s 2011 EP Polymers Are Forever.

Recently the band expanded to a four-piece, initially as a bet, the band originally conceived the record as a Broadway musical based on the recent British phone-hacking scandal but were forced to abandon this idea due to budgetary restrictions. This is not a joke. After writing hundreds of songs, fifteen were recorded and placed into an order deliberately selected to present the full dynamic range of the experience, a gift which will be lost to anybody who regularly utilitises the “shuffle” function. Patience.

From  the upcoming summer of sport (‘Failed Olympic Bid’) to the creative bankruptcy of the movie industry (‘Robocop 4 – F**k Off Robocop’), urban outfitted riots (‘City of Exploded Children’) and the gigantic rumbling  mediocrity of celebrity culture (‘Notes on Achieving Orbit’), The Plot Against Common Sense is a mostly very loud condemnation of many things. How refreshing that the fine folks of “Future of The Left”  are converting the souless wank and medioctrity of the daily media into music that rocks and will leave you laughing or crying with tears of delight.

Future Of The Left – The Plot Against Common Sense is out 8 June 2012 via Remote Control.


1. Sheena is a T-Shirt Salesman ( check out the unreal video below)
2. Failed Olympic Bid
3. Beneath The Waves an Ocean
4. Cosmo’s Ladder
5. City of Exploded Children
6. Goals in Slow Motion
7. Camp Cappuccino
8. Polymers are Forever
9. Robocop 4 – Fuck Off Robocop
10. Sorry Dad, I Was Late For the Riots
11. I Am The Least of Your Problems
12. A Guide To Men
13. Anchors
14. Rubber Animals
15. Notes on Achieving Orbit

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