Fourth Frontman for INXS revealed

His name is Ciarin Gribbin and fans in Fremantle W.A were treated to a preview of the new INXS frontman.


Irish born Gribbin met the Farris brothers at a party and sealed the deal by singing along to Mystify with them on the balcony.

Interestingly Gribbin has always been a fan, watching INXS on MTV in the 80′s from his home in County Derry. His career in music has taken him from writing for Madonna, to working with Snow Patrol and opening for Sir Paul McCartney. Building the blocks to find himself in a farmhouse in Tamworth co-writing the new INXS album. Interesting times ahead for a band that has found it difficult to settle on a new frontman since the death of Michael Hutchence in 1997. Will anyone ever be good enough? Goodluck Gribbin.

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