Eminem and Christina Aguilera to hit the studio together

They famously fell out when he mocked her in his controversial smash hit ‘The Real Slim Shady’ – but more than a decade later Eminem and Christina Aguilera look set to put their feud well and truly behind them by hitting the studio together!

According to M Is for Music, the mouthy singers are planning a “killer” new track for Xtina’s upcoming album.

“Christina knows after her last album bombed that she would have to do something special for fans to be interested in her music again,” a source told M Is for Music.

“It’s a killer track and is bound to be a massive worldwide hit if released as a single, which is exactly what Christina is hoping for. She can’t wait to release the record and prove all her critics wrong.”

But from the sounds of it, Em’s not the only one she’s got her eye on for her seventh release – slated to drop in 2012.

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