Michael Paynter credits The Veronicas with raising his profile

Michael Paynter thanks The Veronicas for putting him in front of millions of their fans.

“I think I can probably put it down to a lot of the exposure it has opened me up to,” he said.“Millions of people probably wouldn’t have heard the song if it wasn’t for them.”

The Veronicas recorded ‘Love The Fall’ with Michael. “One person’s success can help another person,” he says.

The collaboration happened despite Michael and The Veroncias being on different labels. He is with Sony, they are with Warner. “The Veronicas are not on my label.  Sorry,  Sony legal department, I apologise if I am downplaying your role in this,” he jokes. “There is a whole lot of contractual stuff that needs to be worked out when you have too major companies but it was pretty amicable from what I understand. Look, we are here now.

I am very, very grateful to their record company and to them for lending me their talent”.

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