Barnesy has another two daughters

ROCKER Jimmy Barnes has two previously unacknowledged daughters living in Adelaide.

The Elizabeth-raised singer’s wife Jane last night revealed to Seven’s Sunday Night program that not long after he fathered son David Campbell – when he was 16 – Jimmy also fathered two daughters, to two different women.

The program did not identify the women or the daughters, and Barnes himself did not comment on the issue.

Rather, the program reported that three days after filming the initial Sunday Night segment the Barnes family called and said there was a “private matter we want to be made public”.

“I just want to acknowledge Jimmy’s other children who live in Adelaide and have been in our life for a number of years,” Jane, right, with Jimmy, said.

She then went on to explain the rest of the family felt comfortable about her speaking about the issue.

According to Jane, Jimmy was 17 when he fathered the daughters. It is not known when they were each told their father was the Cold Chisel frontman.

The news of his additional children comes as Jimmy prepares to release his new album, Rage and Ruin , at the end of this week. Interesting timing.


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